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Civil, Family, and Administrative Appeals and Writs


Experts & Harmless Error
Social Workers as Expert Witnesses and Harmless Error* by Linda J. Conrad ©2014: The courts have taken a relaxed approach to qualifying social workers as expert witnesses in child dependency proceedings. Moreover, the erroneous qualification of an expert witness may spring the trap of harmless error. Alert appellate counsel should be prepared to focus as much or more effort on arguing prejudicial error as on the underlying error.
Oral Argument
Take a Walk on the Wild Side (Over to the Court of Appeal for Oral Argument) © 2014 In this article, written in collaboration with fellow appellate attorney, Kimball J.P. Sargeant, Mr. Sargeant and Ms. Conrad explain how observing a few oral arguments before you take an appeal or file a brief in the appellate court can help you win your appeal: Be aware of procedural technicalities because they can lose the appeal; Make sure to file the notice of appeal on time; Understand your standard of review; make sure you have standing; and be prepared for oral argument.
Standards of Review
Set Your Standards (of Review) High © 2015 In this article, Ms. Conrad explains the importance of knowing whether the standard of review in your case is abuse of discretion, substantial evidence, or de novo.
Guardianship to Adoption
Probate Guardianship to Adoption: How Guardians Inadvertently Circumvent Parents’ Fundamental Constitutional Rights to the Care, Custody and Control of their Children in Two Easy Steps. © 2015 by Linda J. Conrad
Appellate Ethics
Special Ethics Problems for Appellate Dependency Counsel: Beyond Competency, Communication and Confidentiality © 2016 by Linda J. Conrad